E-surveillance security system (CCTV)


Secnet Kenya Ltd. offers a comprehensive line of CCTV surveillance systems. Color and black & white cameras along with a wide array of ancillary devices are available to meet each specific application. Pan- Tilt-Zoom, multiplexing, matrix switching, time lapse and event recording, as well as custom-built consoles, are some of the products which are incorporated in the design of our systems.

Precise monitoring can further be enhanced with the use of video motion detectors, alarm interfacing, camera call- up and point-ofsale transaction identification. Product selections and location are
essential design elements of a quality CCTV installation. We provide e-surveillance services, remote video surveillance solutions and consultancies to supplement professional security guard services. We deliver total security and wisdom solutions from residential to commercial locations and properties. Our products are categorized as follows:

  • Network Video Server
  • Network Camera
  • NVR (Network Video Recorder)
  • Network Media Decoder
  • Digital Video Recording
  • Management Software

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